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Hundreds of Millions of Lottery Games Players Around the World

With millions of lottery games players around the world, it is only normal to have news relating to lottery games come up almost every day especially as different lottery systems have their draws slated for almost all the days of the week. From jackpot winnings to stories of winners, there is always something to report as far as the lottery world is concerned.

It has been a while since anyone won the jackpot prize in any of the very popular international lottery games but winners keep coming up at every draws with many people being able to match up five of the drawn numbers.

December 27, 2014 had 5 players match the first five numbers for a prize money of a million dollars for the Powerball lottery. The winners came from Idaho, California, Rhode Island, and Texas.

For the Mega Millions lottery, the draw that took place on the 26th of December 2014 had two players emerge as winners of the one million dollars prize money having matched the first five numbers. The winners came from New York. A very good gift on boxing you might say.

While many are trying hard to make sure they earn a prize money, others have won and have decided to let the prize go unclaimed. This was the case of the winner of the $1 million prize money that let the Powerball winning expire without coming forward to claim his/her prize.

The Powerball continued to produce winners with 4 lucky players winning the prize money of $1 million after matching the first five numbers drawn. The winners came from Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and North Carolina.

It has not all being lottery players from the US going home with millions in lottery money. Winners also emerged from some parts in Europe especially in Spain where some lucky Spaniards could be sure of having the best xmas celebrations in a long while after sharing in the 2.2 billion euros doles across the country. Winners came from all spheres all life from restaurant workers to care home residents.

Even with lottery news, there is really no news with no bad news and the story of the scamming store owner in Massachusetts is a typical one. The store, RD's Deli and Market will no longer sell lottery tickets after it was discovered that owner of the store tried to scam a woman believed to be mentally unstable out of her winnings.

The news on lottery and activities surrounding different lottery games cannot be fully exhausted as happenings occur by the minute.