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Fascinating Details of Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 is among the national lottery games in Canada, together with Lotto Super 7. The most famous and profitable Canada Lottery game is Lotto 6/49.
This game was started in June 1982 and was the initial national lottery game in Canada to permit players to select their personal numbers. A $54.3 million jackpot was paid out in 2005 for Lotto 6/49. The cost of Lotto 6/49 tickets is just $ 2.
With this small amount, you stand the chance of being a winner of millions!

How to Play Lotto 6/49

All you have to do to play Lotto 6/49 is to pick six digits from a group of 1-49. You can select 6 figures in any manner you desire. For instance, some individuals use particular birthdays, other specific dates, their phone number or addresses.
Some individuals even apply special formulas to select their figures. In case you find it challenging to pick your individual numbers, you are able to choose and allow the terminal to pick the digits on your behalf.
In case you manage to match even 2 digits of the numbers you have, together with the bonus ball, you obtain a cash prize. In case you match each of the 6 figures, you become a winner of the jackpot. The jackpot for Lotto 6/49 starts at $ 3,500,000 and the drawings for Lotto 6/49 take place at night, each Wednesday and Saturday, after 8:00 pm CT.

Hugest jackpot for Lotto 6/49

In 2005 on 26 October, there was a drawing for the hugest jackpot for Lotto 6/49 as well as a Canadian lottery record. One winning ticket valued at $ 54.3 million was bought in Camrose, Alberta.
This ticket was bought by a group of employees for oil and gas plant. Initially, the jackpot was approximated to be $ 40 million. However, due to fast sales, it increased to an entire $ 54,294, 712.
It was believed that one out of 3 grown up Canadians had bought a ticket. For this single lottery, a value of $ 99.4 million for tickets was traded only for this single lottery.
Winning numbers for Lotto 6/49 were 5,11.20,30, 37 43 plus a bonus number of 31.

Buying Tickets for Lotto 6/49

Lotto 649 tickets are sold throughout Canada in all the five lottery jurisdictions. These are:
·        Western Canada
·        British Columbia
·        Atlantic Lottery Corporation
·        Quebec
·        Ontario
One can buy tickets prior to 8:00 p.m. CT at night on Wednesday and Saturday. In case you do not reside in Canada and you want to play this lottery game or another one in Canada, just log on to the official website of your state.
These sites describe the way to buy tickets and many times, tickets can be bought online to enable you to play majority of the state lotteries comfortably from home.
In addition, you can check official state websites to get an update of custom lottery news. A lot of sites provide lottery number generators in order to assist in simplifying the selection of your lottery number. If you want to personally buy your tickets, you can visit a local lottery terminal also.
Despite the method you choose to buy your tickets, or the tickets you opt to purchase, it is a guarantee that you are going to have great fun!